Cracking Lotus


This morning, on a hunch — Move out of raw materials, titanium, Dyson spheres. Move into stimulants. This sudden monetary move, creates a huge buzz in the market.

Other traders suspect what I’m doing; they know what Lotus Corporation is about. Stimulants have always been a brand-conscious market; people get addicted to taking stimulants from the same source.

No one ordered a cola at the millennium. They ordered: a Coke, a Starbucks, Marlboros. It’s the same today; the brands have changed — concept the same.

We get addicted to the stimulant; it makes US feel good; we associate the FEELING with the BRAND and the LOGO. YIELDS: ADDICTIVE, RECURRING, REVENUE.

When I crack Lotus’s secret — isolate the stimulant for faster-than-light travel — I’ll have the best marketing people, for peddling stimulants in the universe, and the distribution, logistics, and vendor relationships to move it.

Consumers don’t buy raw stimulant! 

CONSUMERS buy the wrapping, the package. What’s inside is important; the marketing, the branding: more important!

Shares in Lotus skyrocket on speculation; my net worth increases threefold — it isn’t even 10 am.

Whether my hunch is right or wrong; unimportantMy belief — my faith has inspired others to believe.

At 10:01 AM, I receive the first, known, faster-than-light message sent by a human. Three light-years away, a trusted lieutenant on Planet Lotus, sends the following message in real time: “Sir, we have isolated the chemical stimulant; I am sending the chemical composition to you, now.”

I contact my chief chemist; transmit the chemical composition to her; ask her to make a synthetic version; in a millisecond, she transmits the synthetic version to me. 

Immediately,  I’m in The Throne Room. The Emperor sits before me on his majestic thrown, perched on a dais. Enthusiastically and with great emotion,  I recite the pledge: “I am Furai today and forever! Long Live the Furai! Long Live Our Empire! Long Live Our Emperor!” Immediately, I fall to my knees.

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