Donald Trump — Furai Emperor

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The Emperor: “Rise Mr. Skeet.”

DS: “An honor to be in your presence, my Emperor. Why am I here?”

The Emperor: “You’re here because you’ve discovered a chemical stimulant, of VAST military power.”

DS: “Military? I viewed the stimulant as strictly a means to communicate, throughout The Empire, quickly.”

The Emperor: “Via faster-than-light communication.”

DS: “Exactly.”

The Emperor: “The idea of traveling back in time, with this technology, never occurred to you?”

DS: “It occurred to me, however, I assumed that would be forbidden.”

The Emperor: “It will be. I have teams of engineers developing a ‘thought firewall’, to block all unauthorized, future communications to Earth of the past.”

DS: “Is such a firewall possible?”

The Emperor: “Yes. The technology to firewall Earth, from future communications, will be discovered in a few years; perfected, shortly afterwards.”

DS: “How do you know this, my Emperor?”

The Emperor: “I am in constant communication with my future self; using the stimulant you just discovered.”

DS: “Wow. You have already travelled back in time?”

The Emperor: “Yes. Soon an alien race, the Nubicon Empire, is going to attempt to conquer Earth. They’ve done this many times before, in many different timelines. In one timeline they actually succeed in conquering Earth — BEFORE, man left this solar system. In our timeline, Earth is far more prepared, because men like you, unleash all their minds to produce value, using Furai technology.

Earth now controls the Energy of many stars; we will be able to fight them in space, rather than on Earth; hopefully Earth’s cities can be saved; hopefully, we will not allow them to enter our solar system.”

DS: “What if they succeed?”

The Emperor: “They will not succeed in destroying the Furai — they may succeed in killing billions of people again, and destroying all Earth’s cities.”

DS: “I’m lost.”

The Emperor: “The chemical stimulant you discovered, was actually discovered many years ago by the Furai. We’ve been sending messages to the past, to various individuals; shaping the future, for a long time. Who was your mentor?”

DS: “A woman named Cynthia.”

The Emperor:  “Do you know who taught her?”

DS: “A man named Richie Rich; who died a year prior to me meeting her.”

The Emperor: “Do you know who mentored Richie Rich?”

DS: “Richie Rich was The Original Furai; no one taught him.”

The Emperor: I taught him; I used your stimulant to travel back in time, to mentor him. Your stimulant is the reason we were victorious, in the First Nubicon war. Earth was stomped; billions died. The Furai overcame them with our technology, much of which was transmitted from the future.

In our current timeline man discovers and perfects nano-fusion; allowing us to leave this solar system, at the speed of light. Man has constructed massive fleets; Dyson spheres, but, we still have a fraction of the energy output of the Nubicon Empire; we still lack one thing: wormhole technology.

With wormhole technology, we’ll be able to send an object back in time. If we succeed in this, Earth will be able to conquer Nubicon, on their home planet.”

DS: “Don’t you know if we’ll succeed or not? Can’t you see the future?”

The Emperor: “I see the old future; my future has not happened yet. Let me explain: Imagine a normal timeline: 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 Joe, who is able to communicate with himself in the past. Joe Past 1962 communicating with Joe Future 1965.

In Joe Future’s timeline: Kennedy is assassinated on 11/22/1963; Joe Future in 1965 tells Joe Past 1962 to prevent it. Joe Past in his 1962 succeeds in preventing Kennedy assassination.

Joe Future calls Joe Past on 11/23/1963. Joe Future: ’What happened?”

Joe Past: ‘I stopped the Kennedy assassination!’

Joe Future: ‘Ah, no you didn’t.’

Joe Past: ‘Yes I did; I swear to you. It’s 11/23/1963 — Kennedy is very much alive.’

Joe Future: ‘I’m looking at an old New York Times newspaper I saved — it still says: ‘KENNEDY IS KILLED BY SNIPER AS HE RIDES IN CAR IN DALLAS; JOHNSON SWORN IN ON PLANE

When an entity from the future changes the past, two separate timelines are created: Joe Past — Joe Future 1962 1963 1964 1965  — Contact made.

Joe Future (old timeline) 1962 1963 1964 1965 Kennedy dies 11/22/1963.

Joe Past (new timeline) 1962 1963 1964 1965 Kennedy survives 11/22/1963.

Joe, Past and Future, now live in two separate, parallel universes. Joe Past has a different future than Joe Future. A new communication in 1968 reveals:

Joe Future: ‘What does your 1968 look like?’

Joe Past: ‘1968 has been a great year! Kennedy is very popular; has been elected for a third term after constitutional amendment — man landed on the moon a couple of years ago; Intel just released a microprocessor; the world is at peace; everything is going great.’

Joe Future: ’Intel’s microprocessor does not come out until 1971; Man does not land on the moon until 1969; and in 1968 Americans are coming home in body bags, from Vietnam.’

Joe Past: ‘Wow! No shit? In my universe things are much different.’

DS: “Why bother trying to change the past, since it won’t benefit you in any way in your timeline?”

The Emperor: “I’m sorry Mr. Skeet; that information is classified, at this time.”

DS: “OK. But, you will tell me soon?”

The Emperor: “Yes. You will tell your fans soon. The reason I brought you here today, is to direct your energy in a different direction.

See me immediately, in person. I’ll teach you how to use this stimulant; a very dangerous substance; to ingest it without training, will be fatal.”

DS: “I’ll be there within the hour.”

The Emperor: “There’s an imperial conveyance, outside your residence now.”

Bang! Bang!

DS: “Who is it?”

SS: “Imperial SS; here to transport you to the I.C.”

DS: “Be right there. One of my microprocessors greeted the SS you sent at the door; they’re waiting for me.”

The Emperor: “See you in 3 minutes; there’s a traffic window open, as long as you hurry. During the next 3 minutes: Go through your old notes with your biological brain; your synthetic brain will not function under the stimulant.”

DS: “Because of speed.”

The Emperor: “Exactly. We have a mission to perform together. Our timeline — this world we live in requires we take this journey together. He will listen to you.”

DS: “Who?”

The Emperor: “Donald Trump — Furai Emperor.”

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