The Matrix movie theorized man would be rounded up and put in pods by powerful machines — enslaving man for our body warmth — as if the only thing of value from man to be harnessed by these machines would be the heat, (body warmth,) humans give off.

The human brain is the most-powerful creative device in the known universe.

If machines did take over, they may have put us in pods, possibly — but they also would’ve harnessed our creative energy, to create advances in their technology — enslaved our minds as well as our body warmth — (the way the detritus did in the 20th century.)

That’s enough criticism of The Matrix. Great movie — despite reeking of inferior socialist-undertones.

During the detritus reformation, Furai placed millions of detritus into brain-stem pods; this being the most cost-efficient way to reform them.

DETRITUS remained in their pods, until they demonstrated a desire to evolve.

After the detritus reformation, man postulated some of the universe exists in similar pods.

We discovered a planet covered with pods.

A comet smashed into planet; life extinguished; atmosphere destroyed. Their pods lifeless tombs. We believe they were able — before the comet — to travel outside their pods via astral projection. Man began frantically searching to find another pod planet; hopefully, these creatures’ home planet.

About 5 years ago, man discovered another colony of these SAME creatures; ALIVE. They started communicating with man before this; successfully visiting EARTH remotely; communicating with man for eons. Their ability to communicate with us on Earth is in real time!

When I communicate with my lieutenants 5 light-minutes away — a 5-minute delay between communications. Spoken communication is impossible; we communicate via email because of the time delay.

Light has been the speed limit of the universe since the days of Einstein.

Since pod creatures are able to communicate with man in real time; they have the ability to project a thought, faster than the speed of light. Faster-than-light communication means there will be no limit to how far man can expand, and communicate with man’s current center, Earth. A larger, more prosperous, Empire.

The Furai Empire is currently capped at 3 light-years in size. Beyond this zone, all settlements would need to be 100% autonomous. Britain lost control of her colonies —  primarily — because it required months for communication to traverse the ocean. It would’ve been nearly impossible for the colonists to have a form of representative government across the ocean. While the cat’s away; mice will play.

It requires 3 years to communicate with the furthest human settlements across space, at the speed of light — a great strain on Our Empire’s cohesion. Man are drifting apart from one another, because of an inability to communicate in real time. These outlying settlements are using technology that is 3 years old! Reading news 3 years old!

Even at 1 light year away, it’s difficult to have a colony that is not 100% autonomous. Colonists are on their own in day to day operations: New: technology, information, news, Imperial decrees, etc — require 3 years to traverse The Furai Empire from the center — 6 years from edge to edge.

If man could communicate faster — even twice the speed of light — man could double our Empire’s size — (even if logistics technology remains at current levels.)

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