Move, on stimulant market suppliers; synthetic brain begins buying call options and stock.

Stimulants are very important to the current universe; they are necessary for the day-to-day operation of man. Like coffee, cocaine, nicotine, and Coca Cola, back at the millennium, today’s stimulants are consumed in mass quantities.

We use these drugs not simply to wake up; we use them to enhance our ideas; stimulate conversations, and enhance psychic power — (chi.) We still drink them; smoke them; take them in pill form. STIMULANTS are far more powerful now; far more customized. Some help us fuck like rock stars; communicate more effectively; create art; cast more-effective Concussionsthink CREATIVELY; think ANALYTICALLY.

We’re headed toward a new major-growth period — the second epoch — as we are calling it in the inner circle. The light barrier’s about to be broken soon.WE have discovered a pod planet!

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