other dimmensional beings

Pod creatures have visited Earth remotely for centuries.

They have been seen occasionally. Through the ages, they’ve had many names: angels, demons, ghosts, spirits — Their intelligence is equal to ours, yet somehow, they can travel faster than light. We believe their secret to this faster-than-light remote travel, is not some machine enhancement; we believe they use a chemical stimulant, similar to aconcra route, enhancing psychic ability.

The KITE CORPORATION discovered another pod planet. Unfortunately captain Kite never made it home.

Because of the implications for faster-than-light travel; I decided to purchase this pod planet at auction, at considerable cost. Once I owned the rights to this planet, my scientists and machines colonized it; set up observation. I named the planet Lotus.

Floated an IPO for the Lotus Corporation; market responded favorably. We have all the money we need, to see this project through.

My investors are patient — immortality gives investors a different view of investment returns. Before man became immortal — selling Wall Street an IPO for a company that might show a massive profit in 50 years was impossible.

50 years is just a blip in my time.

We’re trying to communicate with them in their pods. Their language: fast. Verbose. Sophisticated. Powerful. It’s extremely difficult for us. Imagine, saying a sentence to someone — they respond with a complex book, written in a foreign language filled with idiomatic expressions and complex metaphors. It requires a week, with AI supercomputing assistance, (Eliezer,) to digest, translate, and interpret their book. We respond with another sentence.

We know they are happy in their pods and unhappy WE are on THEIR planet. 

They have robots mining chemicals and growing food feeding them via intravenous tubes; they’re immortal; they’re incapable of physically leaving their pods; they’ve been on Planet Lotus for thousands of years. They no longer have muscles, hearts, lungs — Pods keep their brains alive, in a chemical and augmented-reality bliss.

We’re learning much from them by observation, and our limited slow communication with them. We’re analyzing the contents of their food intake, attempting to isolate the faster-than-light stimulant.

We’re on the verge of a breakthrough.

Lotus is 3 light-years away — the breakthrough may have happened already; I won’t know for 3 years. (Unless my researchers decide to experiment, with this chemical-stimulant discovery.)

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