Trump – Master at KILLING PERSONA -A Practical, Relevant Martial Art.

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Trump’s martial art is not primarily used to destroy a living, human body. Although chi energy is dangerous, and accidents do happen. No, Trump’s martial art is far more dangerous than the martial arts studied by Tyson or Lee. Trump’s martial art is used primarily to kill a being’s immortal soul on earth: persona.

A persona is a living, breathing, eating, evolving thing. A persona is similar to an idea – it has no actual physical manifestation – a persona only exists in the hearts and minds of an observer.

Killing people is illegal. Punching people is illegal. Kicking people is illegal. Simply touching another person, without permission, is illegal. Even threatening physical harm on another person is illegal. If a trained martial artist fights an untrained person, with his bare hands, he can be charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon – a crime with far more-severe prison terms.

Studying traditional martial arts has limited value – in terms of the likelihood of actual value in everyday life. Spending many years developing a skill, that will only be useful in the absolute rarest of circumstances, (at least directly,) seems like a waste of time for many people. Indeed, if the only benefit in studying traditional martial arts is the ability to defend yourself without a gun, against an unarmed aggressor seeking to kill you – that’s not very likely. It’s far cheaper, and far more effective to purchase a handgun and learn how to use it.

The study of traditional martial arts provides many more benefits than self defense against unarmed bad guys – the real value is in improvement of the self, rather than as a tool to end aggressors. The term martial art implies what is learned has value in war, (martial – derived from Mars the god of war,) traditional martial arts have limited value by themselves in this arena.

Consider the U.S. Military for example. The most lethal military in the history of the world, by far. 10 weeks to train an Army Soldier to become a lethal killer. 9 weeks to train a Navy Sailor to become an efficient killer on the sea. 9 weeks to train an Air Force Airman. 12 weeks to train a Marine.

Of those basic training/boot camp courses, a week – (under 40 hours,) – is spent on hand to hand, traditional martial arts. 1/10th of their time in boot-camp. Important? Yes, otherwise the military would not teach the martial arts at all – but not as important as learning how to fight with a gun.

Marines spend three weeks learning how to use their rifle – 1/4th the total time spent in boot camp. Far more important to learn how to shoot well and care for a rifle, than to learn how to fight with bare hands. Want to learn true self defense? Buy a gun. Far more efficient and cost effective.

Many martial-arts systems sold to the general public require multi-year commitments in time and money. Pay money for years; earn a belt – (a person – a so called martial artist – sanctions, another person’s ability to learn the lessons, the so-called martial artist taught.) Scam? Definitely. If the Marines can train hand-to-hand lethality in a week, and Marines kill professionally, then why do martial-arts schools take so long? Answer: money and tradition.

The martial art Trump wields can be learned and used liberally, in everyday life; in every interaction between people. It can be used to create, and to destroy.

Trump’s martial art can be used to create personas – multi-billion-dollar corporations; media empires; rock stars, movie stars, radio stars – this martial art creates brands: Apple, IBM, Google, Amazon – this martial art created all the great historical figures, religions, movements, political parties – Mastery of this martial art is more important than just about any other knowledge a human can possess.

This martial art can destroy personas – corporations, national pastimes, untouchable crooks, corrupt religions, political parties, armies, nations, – this is by far the most dangerous martial art because the art deals with targets of a spiritual nature. Trump wields lethal violence in other dimensions. Victims who’ve been damaged, do not realize how bad they’ve been damaged – until it’s too late.

Trump, The Martial Artist is a master of creating and destroying persona. Persona – what the public believes a famous person or famous entity to be. Persona deals in perceived value.

A master at raising the perceived value of his offer; destroying the perceived value of his opponent’s offer. Raising the perceived value of his brand; destroying the perceived value of his opponent’s brand. Everything Trump owns is GREAT now; when Trump was acquiring ownership, it was below GREAT.

There is real value in studying Trump, The Martial Artist.

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