Wealth FLOW


I wake up in Florida. Meditate for 15 minutes; generate a powerful wealth Concussion. Incantation I choose: “Wealth flows to me with ease, in avalanches of abundance.”

Synthetic brain handles all incoming and outgoing messages; biological, handles face to face. Ideas come to me; Synthetic goes to work.

I run on the beach; allow the warmth — morning sun penetrates my skin. Do my calisthenics; lift weights; swim — 35 minutes.

Billions of dollars are being transacted in my head, simultaneously. Take a shower; fuck my first wife of many years; take another shower. Tele-commute to my properties within 20 minutes light speed. Most of my wealth’s in this solar system; I remain here.

Lieutenants handle day to day affairs outside this solar system. Since taxes were slashed; the economy unleashed; the economy, and personal net worth, has doubled every 2 years. For a millisecond, I think back to the day I became Furai; stare at the Furai sigil, briefly; remembering the first meeting.

Cynthia was so fucking hot, still is; she found me when I was nothing but a dreamer; she taught me so much. Furai’s law of economic growth was right: GDP can expand as rapidly as Moore’s Law in this new age!

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