Open Your Eyes — We’ve Never Seen ANYTHING Like TRUMP

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Scene from movie Independence Day. In the blockbuster movie Independence Day the arrival of massive alien ships to our planet sparks a global panic, car crashes, people worldwide abruptly stop what they’re doing and observe ‘the phenomena’ with terror. This seems logical. Earth’s primitive inhabitants should react this way: panic, shock, terror –  but in reality, history records a very different narrative when something shockingly new appears.

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Many accounts were written about first-contact events between Europeans and their massive technologically-advanced ships and primitive native peoples (in Australia, North America, and South America,) – surprisingly, the huge European ships seemed to be invisible to the primitive natives on shore.

The native primitives did not panic as these massive alien ships approached – on the contrary – natives behaved as if nothing special was happening. The Independence Day movie reaction seems logical; yet that’s not the reaction history recorded countless times of savage primitives experiencing this strange new phenomena for the first time.

Why? Why did the native peoples not react at all to the arrival of these alien ships? Could they actually not see them?

It’s been theorized, based on these many well documented accounts – that if a striking phenomena occurs – that’s so outside of people’s normal daily routines and experiences – those experiencing the strange event won’t even perceive the event occurring – it’s as if the event isn’t even happening. Hence these ships were actually invisible to the naked savages.

Trump, The Martial Artist defied all well established rules of political warfare, and won a convincing victory. Trump crushed his helpless opponents easily and decisively – yet the two primary groups historically entrusted to record our world’s experiences, our history, (the mainstream press, the intelligentsia class – college professors, political hacks and political pundits,) fail to even acknowledge something very different occurred in the 2016 election. Why? Are Trump, The Martial Artist’s awesome powers invisible to them?

If a man willed an earthquake, or turned the sky black, or smashed a cinder-block with his fist – most would – at very least – acknowledge the event really happened. The logical reaction would seem to be awe, even terror.

The next logical reaction should be, we, as a people better figure this phenomena out, because failure to do so means we, as a world, are helpless to stop Trump, The Martial Artist and must rely on his benevolence for our survival. Instead these geniuses ignore the phenomena as if it doesn’t even exist. (Like naked native savages ignoring the European ships arriving at their shores.) How did that work out for them?

Trump, The Martial Artist is president. He commands the most powerful army on earth. He commands The NSA, the FBI, the CIA, the IRS etc- he has the ability to hack into any enemy’s computer, listen to any opponent’s phone calls… 

Unlike America’s past presidents, Trump, The Martial Artist can destroy any political opponent with ease. Trump, The Martial Artist can destroy any institution he chooses with words and skill. Our civilization has not the tools to defend ourselves from Trump, The Martial Artist’s power. (Especially now that he’s president.)

There is no counterbalance, no check on Trump, The Martial Artist’s power. Kennedy, Reagan, George Washington, Hitler, none of these men could have competed with Trump, The Martial Artist in the political arena and won. Hitler’s skills as an orator enabled him to be democratically elected Fuhrer of Germany. Hitler convinced the German people to follow him, and abolish their former system of government. Hitler was a lightweight compared to Trump, The Martial Artist. Hitler would’ve been defeated by a single Trump tweet – probably poking fun of Hitler’s stupid mustache, or Hitler’s smallish 5’9” frame. What nickname would Trump have given little Austrian Hitler with the funny mustache?

Would Trump have made it a campaign issue that Austrian Hitler was not born German? Where’s your Austrian birth certificate Adolf?

What nickname would Trump have given pretty-boy Kennedy? Or wrinkles Reagan? What brand would wooden-tooth George Washington have been labeled with? Li’l Marco. Lyin’ Ted. Crooked Hillary. Low-Energy Jeb Bush.

Open your eyes! There’s something very real here; something very powerful. Whether you love Trump, The Martial Artist – or not acknowledge at minimum, there’s something special about the god-like power Trump, The Martial Artist wields. Pretending Trump’s abilities do not exist will not make them go away. Acknowledging this power’s existence is the first step in acknowledging reality. Acknowledging what is.

Not only do Trump’s special abilities exist, they can be studied and learned. Trump, The Martial Artist must be studied and learned! Failure to do so will mean that eventually someone evil will use this power for nefarious purpose.

Trump, The Martial Artist single-handedly defeated the intelligentsia class, the GOP bosses, the media class, the best political scientists and strategists, the oligarch class. Insects fighting a god. Trump, The Martial Artist’s opponents outspent him by many times – billions in attack ads in both the general elections and the primaries. Billions in negative media coverage and op-eds. Trump was opposed by every major media outlet, commentator – Even the National Review – every major newspaper and magazine fought against him.

All the big-name republicans fought him. The GOP ran two different republican candidates against him: Gary Johnson and Evan McMullin. The two living President Bushes opposed him. Every major republican ‘hero’ fought against Trump, The Martial Artist at one time or another. Fox News – for the most part – fought him tooth and nail.

They told us Trump had no chance, using manipulated polls as a voter suppression tactic.

They called Trump a racist – nativist – protectionist – fascist – Nazi.

They called Trump a phony. They called Trump a fraud. They called Trump a misogynist.

They literally attacked his supporters in the streets, and in the media. They firebombed a GOP headquarters.

Yet, Trump, The Martial Artist defeated them all, easily. No candidate in history has faced such powerful opposition, yet Trump, The Martial Artist won easily.

Something different happened, something unseen in world history. Most elections, the biggest factors in victory: money combined with political party apparatus. In the 2016 election, it was all Trump, The Martial Artist and his unique skills. Denying Trump’s election is special is like witnessing a man lift a car over his head, then shrugging the event off as commonplace. Or witnessing city-size spaceships arrive on earth, without pausing daily routine. Whether you hate the person lifting a car or not, acknowledge Trump’s super-human abilities. 

Trump, The Martial Artist is president, it’s time to acknowledge we are helpless to stop him if we had to. This is the first step! This is the beginning!

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