Look at those hands — Trump

March 3, 2016 – GOP Debate – Detroit, Michigan.

Pasted Graphic 9.png

“Look at those hands.”

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Trump begins his “insult” against Marco with a smirk; nodding his head; calm; not a care in the world. Trump begins, “Well..I also happened to call him a lightweight okay and I have said that so…”

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Marco’s shoulders stiffen; he inhales; the audience now begins laughing at the little Cuban. Because of his stress, cortisol begins flowing through Rubio’s veins – stiffness: slows reaction times, slows a brain’s ability to think. Stiffness causes a blow that hits you, to hurt more.

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“…I would like to take that back – “ – a feint, a stutter-step to catch Marco flat-footed – “he’s really not that much of a lightweight…”

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Marco receives Trump’s first full blow; it’s a doozy. Little Marco is not a lightweight – Marco is a SMALL lightweight.

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The audience is really laughing at Marco now.

Pasted Graphic 15.png

Trump continues over the audience’s laughter, “And as far as – and I have to say this; I have to say this – he hit my hands – nobody has ever hit my hands – I’ve never heard of this one – look at those hands are they small hands?

The audience goes crazy with laughter.

And he referred to my hands ‘if they’re small, something else must be small.’ I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee it. Alright.”

Pasted Graphic 10.png

Megyn Kelly trying hard not to laugh as she asks a different candidate the next question. Audience still has not stopped laughing and applauding. The audience laughter and applause continues uninterrupted for exactly 29 seconds – going well into the next question. The cameras do not show Marco’s reaction. But, Marco can be heard – via his hot microphone – coughing and choking – (Marco had lost his voice a few days prior, Nikki Haley had to help him campaign without his voice.)

Trump smashed Marco Rubio and the other debate candidates as convincingly as Bruce Lee would smash a room-full-of Woody Allen impersonators in a fist fight. Yet, most political pundits did not write a single word about Trump’s amazing debate performance. (Many fake-news outlets wrote that Trump lost the debate.)

Marco Rubio would be crushed by Trump – even in Marco’s home-state of Florida – even after a deluge of lobbyist money flooded Florida airwaves with nasty attack ads. Why? Marco’s persona was obliterated – Trump’s persona yuge.

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There is a reason why attack ads are used in elections, for every previous election: they worked. In places like Florida, South Carolina, and New Hampshire, Trump was outspent 100 to 1. In the republican primaries, Trump seemed to be impervious to the affects of attack ads. Why? Short answer: attack ads are just energy. Trump, The Martial Artist can redirect this energy anywhere he chooses.

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Excerpt from Trump The Martial Artist.

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