TRUMP — An Alligator Surrounded By Sheep

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What shall I compare The Martial Artist to? To say heTrump, The Martial Artist is an alligator surrounded by sheep is accurate in outcome – but the metaphor lacks intellectual honesty in its description.

A single alligator and a single sheep in a penned in area – leave them alone for a week – no one would be surprised at the outcome. The helpless sheep will have been completely devoured; this is a certainty, 100%.

Place this same alligator in a much larger pen with 1000 sheep – for a long enough period of time – every single sheep will be devoured – the alligator will be unharmed, even though he is ‘outnumbered’ a thousand to one; this is also a certainty, 100% – why? Sheep have not the tools, the skill, the intelligence, the instinct, nor the drive to mount a defense against the alligator.

The issue is distorted by the simple observation that sheep are a different species – the tools – weapons – an alligator wields are so formidable – sharp teeth, powerful jaws, natural body armor – etc. Many have not considered that its the alligator’s mind, and how the alligator processes information – how the alligator thinks – that is also a key factor. Alligators and sheep think differently. This is where the alligator vs sheep metaphor fails. The distortion in the metaphor comes from the strikingly different equipment the alligator has.

Trump, a human, fought against many other humans – same species. Trump’s opponents’ combined strength, energy, collective intelligence, and overwhelming financial resources should have easily defeated Trump’s shoe-string campaign.

Trump, The Martial Artist fought against a highly talented group of challengers – 17 republicans officially declared.

The elite political class refused to help Trump, for any price. Candidate Trump could not hire the best names in the business, because they would’ve been black-balled permanently for being a part of the Trump campaign. So, Trump was forced to hire unknown entities – before winning the republican nomination. The DC big names understood accepting a job with Trump would be a death sentence to their future careers.

Nearly every voice of significance in the Republican Party spoke against Trump: Mitt Romney, John Mccain, The Bush Dynasty, Paul Ryan etc – The corporate media establishment: every major newspaper, every TV news group, blasted Trump constantly.

The Republican Party establishment, the Democrat Party establishment, many figures from pop culture, foreign leaders and governments – virtually unlimited opposition money, on all sides of the political spectrum – virtually all the global-reach oligarchs with their money and influence – the best and brightest of the intelligentsia classes, the political pundits, the professors, the historians, political scientists and pollsters – and yet Trump won the presidency, easily and convincingly. A landslide electoral-college victory so overwhelming, Trump could have lost Florida or Ohio and still won. (A first for the GOP since 1988.)

Where have we seen a similar performance like this before? Same species. Overwhelming odds. Easy victory. Only in martial-arts movies.

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Bruce Lee fighting an entire dojo in Fists of Fury.

Unlike the alligator vs sheep metaphor, Trump, The Martial Artist is a man – just like any other man – at least on paper: two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears, a brain, a pair of balls, that’s where the similarities end. The Martial Artist is never at a disadvantage when engaged in combat with mere men – no matter how many men The Martial Artist engages at once. The men The Martial Artist destroys – helpless as sheep surrounding an alligator.

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Witnessing combat between a single man and twenty men surrounding him – attacking with everything they have – then surveying an arena filled with broken bodies after The Martial Artist is finished working his art – tangible proof something, out of the ordinary, happened. Undeniable – right? A single man easily smashes twenty other men: that’s a martial artist, period.

Hundreds of millions witnessed Trump, The Martial Artist’s masterpiece of destruction, yet most still deny what should seem obvious: Trump, The Martial Artist was here.

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