Trump – Master in Disguise

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Bruce Lee – disguised as a telephone repair man in Fists of Fury.

Martial artists walk among mortal men; they may look the same as everyone else, (unless they choose not to.) Usually, martial artists wear no special clothing nor have any identifying markings. Even worse, a pure martial artist will often choose to disguise his abilities for many reasons, one being, a disguise increases the chance his opponents are caught unprepared, for the brutal combat they unexpectedly find themselves engaged in. It’s only through how the martial artist expresses himself in actual combat; only then are his abilities revealed.

Everything about Trump, The Martial Artist is pure – everything has a purpose, there are no contradictions. The fact that many even now haven’t a clue about Trump, The Martial Artist’s power, or where it comes from is by design. The Martial Artist wants his opponents to think he’s a fool, and The Martial Artist wants his opponent’s to think he’s a genius. The Martial Artist wants to be attacked, often – and The Martial Artist wants others to fear his power.

For decades, Trump, The Martial Artist infiltrated their inner circles disguised as a campaign donor.

September 24, 2015. Trump telephone interview – Morning Joe:

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Trump, The Martial Artist explaining how he has inside-knowledge of the inner workings of the American and world political system, “…I’ve been in politics all my life – I’ve been doing politics all my life…I’ve made a lot of money dealing all over the world – I deal in politics all over the world –

If you look at politics in the United States, I know most of these guys – now I know them from the other side – I know them as a contributor, I used to be their fair-haired boy…

Excerpt from Trump The Martial Artist.

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