Learning The Martial Art Donald Trump Wields

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Learning a martial art is similar to learning a foreign language. A process that historically requires a long time. Is there a way to cut down on the learning curve?

For most of human history, formal teaching of foreign languages required many years. Conjugating verbs. Memorizing flash cards. Studying sentence structure. Mormons changed the game, because they had to – they were compelled to by their higher purpose – evangelizing their Gospel to all the world. The problem, people of the world speak different languages. If teaching a missionary a foreign language required many years – that’s pretty much a nonstarter – or at very least, a limitation.

Mormons teach missionaries to speak Mandarin Chinese in 9 weeks. 9 weeks! In 9 weeks this Mormon missionary is then sent to China. They don’t go alone, however. They will have a companion, (who only speaks Chinese,) to help them. The technique Mormons perfected, which has been copied by many others, including the U.S. Military: immersion.

Immersion is forcing a person into a situation where they must either sink or swim – and fast. Forcing a non-swimmer into deep-water. But having a trusted person there to help them if they get in trouble.


* Learn by doing.

* Learn by necessity.

* Have a higher purpose.

* Have complete faith you can’t fail.

* Have a goal you must attain in line with that higher purpose.

* Get started immediately, with a solid base of preparation, then learn the rest as you go.

Trump, The Martial Artist teaches through immersion. Concepts, words, strategies, etc – will be introduced, sometimes before they are thoroughly explained. Fear not! Everything will be explained, some things will be repeated – through the process of immersion, the learning curve will be drastically reduced. By the end of the process, the work, the reader will know what they need.

Trump, The Martial Artist first descended the escalator on June 16, 2015 – even though he’d never run for political office before, those Trump faced in combat were unprepared for his unmatched skills in war.

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