Killing The Cripple — CLOWN Charles Krauthammer — Dim Mak Victim

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June 4, 2015. Trump, The Martial Artist hits dopey Krauthammer with the modest chi-energy of a mere 232 retweets and 314 likes.

“Overrated clown.” 

The vicious chakral blows, contained in Trump’s Tweet, were directed at three highly-vulnerable areas – for a physically and emotionally weak old man in a wheelchair: Krauthammer’s unprotected root-chakra, (his old withered balls.) Crown-chakra, (his brain, within his oversized, egg-shaped monstrous head) and sacral-chakra – (his protruding, deformed abdomen.)

The blows hit crippled Krauthammer – according to multiple reliable sources – while he was sitting at home trying to pee. Fatality. Charles Krauthammer. Died June 21, 2018.

Key lessons, to be learned from the life of Charles Krauthammer: Never dive into shallow water. Look before you leap. If you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones. Never pick a fight with a highly-trained martial artist, if you can’t even stand up to pee.

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