Killing The Dummy — John McCain — Dim Mak Victim

Pasted Graphic 17.png

July 16, 2015. Trump, The Martial Artist unleashes an attack on John McCain’s brain, (a third-eye chakral-energy-center strike.) This attack was powered by the considerable chi-energy of 3100 retweets and 2800 likes, ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark.

“Graduated last in his class at Annapolis—dummy!”

July 19, 2017. Nearly two years to the date of Trump’s third-eye chakral strike, John McCain announces to the world he’s been stricken with brain cancer. America and John McCain both would’ve been far better off, if John had taken the cyanide pill to avoid being captured in ‘Nam. Perhaps if McCain was smarter, he wouldn’t have been shot down. Perhaps if McCain’s father wasn’t an admiral, John wouldn’t have been in an expensive aircraft he wasn’t capable of flying.

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