Collapsing Hillary — Solar Plexus TKO

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“Hillary Clinton does not have the strength and stamina to Make America Great Again!” #AmericaFirst

August 31, 2016. Trump, The Martial Artist discharges a vicious attack targeting Hillary Clinton’s solar-plexus chakral-energy center, her emotional lungs. The strike powered by the massive chi-energy of 7000 retweets, and 20,000 likes.

September 11, 2016. After visiting the 911 memorial, Hillary actually, publicly does not have the strength or stamina to walk ten feet to her Scooby-Doo medical van. The solar-plexus chakra is responsible for breathing, without breath, you die.

Hillary physically collapses; she’s dragged by attendants to her medical staff awaiting her. Trump, The Martial Artist conjured then focussed massive chi energy at her solar-plexus-chakral center – Hillary Clinton did not understand why she collapsed, nor did most of the primitive world witnessing this shocking event. Doctors claimed Hillary had a temporary case of pneumonia – careful – temporary pneumonia, it’s going around.

Update: September 8, 2017.

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Hillary Clinton, has tried repairing her strength and stamina after the election. Yoga is an excellent way to repair a damaged chakral energy center, unfortunately for Hillary, she does not understand the source of her chakral damage, and she’s a drunk, so there’s that.

Hillary has always had bad instinct and bad judgment. Most people when they touch a hot stove learn their lesson -TBD. Another head to head confrontation with Trump, The Martial Artist and grandma Hillary might just break a hip.

Update: October 16, 2017: President Trump holds a news conference – He’s asked about how he feels about Hillary Clinton running in 2020 –

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“Oh, I hope Hillary runs. Is she going to run? I hope.

Hillary, please run again.”

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That same day, Hillary decides to run; she falls and breaks a toe. Is Hillary susceptible to chi-induced shock hypnosis? Is Trump getting free rent inside her head? Stick to yoga Hillary please stick to yoga.

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