#AmericaFirst — 4 Ways Trump Has Done More for African Americans Than Barack Obama — Jack Brewer

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Link to Jack Brewer’s article below:

My take:

America First as a core philosophical and political belief system is the basis for any sane political movement. The core question black Americans need to ask themselves:

Do I deserve to live?

Do I deserve to live in abundance?

Do I deserve to live in a great country? A rich country? A country with jobs and opportunity?

Do I deserve a government that prioritizes my needs — as an AMERICAN CITIZEN — over the needs of foreign nationals?

Donald Trump loves all Americans, period. He loves black Americans more.

The alternative philosophy: globalism — as practiced by every American president in my lifetime — Obama, the Bushes, Clinton, Reagan — says that the needs of the world, the needs of foreigners should come first. Really?

Want American wages to go up?


  1. Create more jobs than people, and create an environment where businesses want to invest there. Tax cuts. Regelation reform. Cheap energy.
  2. Close the border. Why? Foreigners will work for cheap — they will STEAL your job!
  3. Promote FAIR, RECIPROCAL trade. China trade destroyed 60,000 factories in 15 years — Obama and Bush let it happen. Bush let it happen because his wall-street globalist buddies believed that building a factory in China — where labor is cheap — is good for business. Obama let it happen because when a factory closes and people collect welfare: THEY VOTE DEMOCRAT.

Democrat and republican globalists hate black Americans. PERIOD. They do not care if you earn $40 an hour in a high-tech factory OR collect welfare in a slum. THEY DON’T CARE. President Trump is the only American president who gives a flying fuck about black Americans. President Trump is the only American president in over a 100 years that is not a rotten treasonous globalist.


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