President Trump — Sad Man?

trump very sad

Did Obama weaponize the tools entrusted to him as president — FBI, CIA, Justice department, fake-news media, etc — as part of a conspiracy to stop a political opponent from gaining power — and then, when he failed, try to have President Trump illegally removed from office?

If so — this is illegal and Obama is going to jail.

Is President Trump a victim? Will he behave like a victim? Will he accept this?

I don’t think so.

President Trump now controls the NSA — there are NO emails NOR phone calls that have been deleted from their database — POTUS just needs to get them.

Get the warrants. Pull the data. Put them in handcuffs, ALL OF THEM.

Anything less would mean Trump is a SAD man, a COCONSPIRATOR, an ACCOMPLICE. LOCK THEM UP. DRAIN THE SWAMP.



IT IS YOUR DUTY MR. PRESIDENT. What are you prepared to do?

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