How to Release DIM MAK — Death Touch

A dim mak – (death touch) – blow, (depicted by actor Jean-Claude Van Damme in the movie Bloodsport,) seven bricks piled high. The feat: destroy the bottom brick without harming the top six bricks.

Step 1. Calm the mind, visualize the target – be loose!

Pasted Graphic 1.png

Step 2. With violent emotion, release focussed chi – (life-force energy.)

Pasted Graphic 2.png

Tremendous chi, released from the martial artist’s dantian – (where chi is stored within,) – through his body. His palm strikes the top brick on the stack – chi passes through the upper bricks without harming them. Only the bottom brick explodes!

Pasted Graphic 3.png

The ability to penetrate the upper bricks without harming them, and obliterate the bottom brick, is a demonstration of dim mak, (without actually harming another individual to prove it.)

A master, possessing the dim-mak skill, can target an internal organ – such as a victim’s heart – by hitting the outside of the victim’s body. The victim’s body’s outer defenses, (ribcage, tendons etc,) – neither absorb nor deflect any of the blow’s energy. The victim’s heart explodes within his chest. Scary stuff.

Trump, The Martial Artist – does not even need to be in the same room with his victim – or the same continent! Chi energy passes through the atmosphere – just like modern cell-phone radio waves penetrate the most-remote places in our modern world.

Trump, The Martial Artist wields the chi energy of an entire planet. Thankfully, Trump, The Martial Artist wields this power responsibly, and with good intent. Thankfully, Trump, The Martial Artist chooses to destroy as a last resort. Thankfully, Trump, The Martial Artist prefers to destroy persona, rather than persons.

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