TRUMP – Master of War

TRUMP – Master of War. April 1, 2011 – The O’Reilly Factor – Trump – Age 64

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“If you look at wars over the years, and I study wars, OK? –  My whole life is a war.”

Rona Barrett – 1980 – Trump – Age 34.

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“I think my philosophy basically is there has to be something to this. I mean we just can’t be put here for the sake of living our 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 years, whatever it might be, and just end up with nothing at the end of that time after all the combat, and I really look at life – to a certain extent – as combat.”

From Trump’s very first media appearances – the core themes, philosophy, strategic-observations remain consistent. Life is never-ending combat or war. His conclusion: in order to be successful at life, the study of war is mandatory.

A man studies war (martial) his entire life, then develops his own personalized fighting system (martial art) – then proves his martial art is unbeatable when pitted against the best in the world. Sounds like the life story of Bruce Lee; it’s also the life story of Trump, The Martial Artist.

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