The Fat Man Won’t Be Fooled Again.

worlds fattest man

The United States was born because a group of free men desired to run themselves. They came from Europe, they built farms, plantations, manufacturing. The free men were a large portion of the population. These men overthrew England’s rule and replaced it with a constitutional republic far superior to any system the world has ever known. This constitution lead to unbelievable wealth and power for America. The US constitution can be thought of as superior technology and the US a superior machine. We Americans owe everything to this great document.

The reason the constitution and the US are failing is that the population became slaves, began to think as slaves, act as slaves, were manipulated as slaves, and vote as slaves. Slaves want to blame “massa” for his conditions, well it is not that simple. “Massa” does not put a gun to your head and force you to watch football, American idol, and the news. “Massa” does not force you to drink yourself into oblivion at night. “Massa” does not force you to buy a bigger car than you can afford, a bigger house than you can afford. “Massa” does not force you to consume every dollar you make. “Massa” does not force you to go to work for a corporation that is sucking your soul from you. “Massa” allows everyone to invest in the stock market, most slaves have superior plans for their money. “Massa” allows slaves to build businesses, write books, create art and inventions, get educations, most slaves choose to do other things. “Massa” is doing what “massa” is supposed to do, he is busy running the world because of the power vacuum left by the slaves checking their brains at the door, and raising his kids to act like proper slave owners. It is not “massa’s” fault, it is the slaves’ fault.

We were founded not as a democracy, but as a constitutional republic. A constitutional republic allows voting, so that the intelligence of the nation creates never ending growth and prosperity. Another reason we allow voting, is so that money can have a voice. In other words, when a new class of rich men rise up, they need to be able to express themselves. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”JFK. It is good that money has the ability to influence elections. When a new class emerges, and they do not have a voice, their money can finance revolution instead of elections. We have never had a revolution in this constitutional republic for this reason. Our country evolves peacefully for the most part. The civil war was not a revolution, it was a disagreement as to what a state can do. Can a state vote itself out of this constitutional republic, if they disagree with the choice of president? Answer no. The difference between this and a revolution would be in the 80s and 90s multiple high tech billionaires were created. If these men felt they had no voice in the democracy, they may have decided to overthrow the government violently. A revolution seeks to change an existing government, the civil war was a war of secession.

Voting in a republic, is supposed to have limits. Among these limits are limits on the government’s ability to curtail our basic rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A democracy is evil in that it can pit 1 group against another, 1 race against another, 1 religion against another, 1 language against another, 1 class of wealth against another. Democracy can literally be as evil as 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner, or 2 Christians and a Jew voting on what churches should be taxed, or 2 welfare recipients and a business owner voting on tax rates, or 2 social security recipients and a worker voting on social security benefits etc… There were supposed to be limits on what could be voted on. The US. has evolved from a constitutional republic towards a tyrannical, easily manipulated democracy. 69% of the population supports the invasion of Iraq, it is debatable as to whether or not this poll is true. A poll can be manipulated by how the question is phrased, who asks the question, and of course who is asked. A simple headline such as this allows a President to: break international law, US Constitutional law, framers intent, and precedent. Never before, in the history of the US, have we invaded a sovereign nation in a so called “preemptive” war. This is millennium democracy. The President can break US law in invading a sovereign state without a declaration of war — the justification is simply he has the poll numbers to do it.,2933,57835,00.html 67 percent of Americans think the conditions at Guantanamo Bay are acceptable, wow! Again it is debatable whether the poll is true, but whether it is or not, in a constitutional republic, a small percentage of Americans being flown outside the country to be tortured without a trial is illegal, even if a majority vote it legal. Our republic has been hijacked, our people have been conned into believing: it is ok to trample on minority rights as long as the majority think it is ok. 86 percent of adults were willing to raise the taxes of people making more than $100,000 to reduce the budget deficit Since less than 10% of the population is making over 100gs a year this poll makes sense. 86% support taxing the other 10% more. In a constitutional republic such a thing should be impossible. This is millennium democracy, 1 group of people beating up another group of people, using “democracy” as a validation for trampling on the Constitution and stealing their fellow citizens’ earned wealth.

Why should you care? The economic growth rate of your country is being throttled. Your paycheck has been robbed. You were born a slave in a slave state and the press tells you that is natural. That your beliefs are inline or out of line with what the majority believes. If the majority are slaves and think as slaves do, wouldn’t that be normal? This is mind control and thought control. The TV tells you what every slave in a nation of slaves thinks, if you agree your normal, if you disagree tough shit, you have been outvoted by a poll of 500 Americans, therefore, you are fucked in the head, slave! You need to be put on medication, a majority of Americans agree with that.

How can the dictatorship by polls be overthrown?
* Recreate the conditions that existed prior to the Revolution, a nation of wealthy free men.
* Own the press, these newly free men must control enough of the press that evil can’t be
poll justified.
* And finally the constitution needs to be changed to protect individual rights by court appointments, elections, and new amendments.

The Furai’s purpose is to show you the truth, that you are a slave in a democratic slave state, not a member of a constitutional republic. That you do not have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as you were taught in school, but rather you have the right to work to pay your taxes and feed a tyrannical out of control machine, and any other right is conditional on majority vote. That being a slave is undesirable. That personal freedom is attainable to the masses. Finally when enough people gain their freedom, a reversal of the slave state
is possible.

Our country is like the man who wakes up after overeating for 20 years and is 400 pounds. He wants to slim down to 180, but the task seems so daunting he does not know where to begin. It didn’t take a weekend to put on the weight, it will not be solved in a weekend. But with concentrated daily effort the 400 pound man can reduce to a desired weight. With concentrated effort slaves can earn their freedom, protect their freedom, and assist a new nation of men in rising up to gain their freedom. What happens when 100 million men unleash all their energy to become wealthy beyond measure and change the world for the positive? They will succeed, nothing can stop them. This revolution will not be armed, it will be slow, but in the end it will be real and lasting.

Why not armed insurrection? 2 reasons: 1 it would fail, 2 even if it succeeded the same temptation would exist to replace 1 form of tyranny for another. The problem is not that we are slaves, the problem is that a majority of slaves are so easy to dominate that they are dominated. Want to free the slaves? Teach the slaves how to be free, help them earn their freedom, then change the system.

Changing the system before men are ready to be free will mean trading 1 form of slavery for another. We are not a threat to the international bankers, we will become international bankers. We are not a threat to the military industrial complex, we will own the military industrial complex, we are not a threat to the government of the US, we will control it, as is the right of free men to have their government subservient to them. It is time for the 400 pound man to take the first step towards weight reduction. On day 1, he takes a walk around his home. On day 2, he walks down the street. On day 3, he walks down the street and starts limiting his caloric intake. Such a man will earn his personal victory over obesity. Such a man will never accept obesity again as he has earned the right to be slim.

Revolution conducted this way will be real and lasting. It is tempting to take the fat man and go straight to liposuction, the fat man that does this, would gain his weight back in a few years, as the root cause of his obesity has not been addressed. Similarly it is tempting to build a block of voters, or a militia group, or some other radical short term solution. Even if the US government was overthrown in some radical coup de tat, and the laws were rewritten to protect individual liberties, the reason for the slavery has not been addressed. We are slaves, because we are used to it. We accept slavery, therefore it has been given to us. Overthrow it all, and the new boss will be just like the old boss, or worse. A nation of men who have earned their freedom inch by inch, mile by mile, can’t be fooled again.

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