Tony Robbins — 30 Minutes For The NEXT 30 Years — Video

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Hard work. Work your ass off. Work two jobs. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Solar plexus chakra.

Progress = Happiness.

Commit to change. Burn the boats! (Born again. Crown chakra.) Changing your life is changing your inner game. Vision without rituals is a LIE.

  1. Have a vision. Something that inspires you. A purpose. A reason to exist! Raison d’etre. (Crown chakra.)
  2. Compelling reasons to accomplish purpose. Reasons come first, answers second. Pre-goals, brainstorm. (Third eye chakra.)
  3. Review it. Feel it daily. Desire. (Sacral chakra.) (Third eye chakra.) Focus. Imagination. See it. Feel it. Meditate on it.
  4. Raise your standards. We get what we MUST have. I want. (Sacral chakra.) I will. (Solar plexus chakra.) I MUST. Life or death. I am. (Root chakra.) Human beings follow through on who they are. Conditioning — the elephant metaphor — Concussion Magick. We live who we believe we are. The strongest force is who we are. (Strings pulling us in a direction — (Crown chakra.) Rituals. It’s who I am.
  5. Joy comes from spontaneity. Connect to your true nature. (Sacral chakra.)
  6. Rituals define us. (Solar plexus chakra.) Discipline. Sacrifice. Keep moving forward. (Heart chakra.) Sharkism. Antism.
  7. All the little things add up. Inches. Millimeters. Fight for every fucking inch.
  8. State management. State of mind management.
  9. Connect with your subconscious. (Self hypnosis. Incantations. Meditations. Affirmation.)
  10. Success leaves clues. Look for mentors, and you will find them. Study successful people. Model them. Absorb them.


  1. Decide on an area you want to improve.
  2. Be honest about it.
  3. What are the rituals the put you there? Be honest. You bought it — OWN it.
  4. What’s your vision — what are the new rituals to get you there?

Do this; feel real momentum.

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