Denzel Washington — Will Smith — Secrets to True Success

  1. Commitment. Grind it out. Sawing wood. Discipline.
  2. Consistency. Make excellence a habit. A ritual.
  3. Welcome: Adversity. Risk. Challenges. Difficulty. Hardship.
  4. Do not base your self esteem on other people’s thoughts. Like trying to fix your face by looking into a broken, warped mirror.
  5. Money isn’t everything. Create something real. Create something enduring. Make a difference.
  6. Dreams without goals are just dreams.
  7. Work hard.
  8. Don’t cut corners.
  9. There’s a difference between life and making a living. Life matters.
  10. Don’t sell your soul. Don’t compromise yourself — your values. Be willing to say no — walk away.
  11. Trust your gut.
  12. Put God first — in everything you do. It’s a gift.
  13. Claim what you want.
  14. Help others.


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