11 Skills Millionaires Master — #MakeMoney

The skill-set of millionaires. (Assume work ethic.)

  1. Persuasion.
  2. Reading people.
  3. Sharing the wealth — wealth is created by lots of people — be generous with your employees, investors, etc–
  4. Leverage. The sooner you learn you need a team is when you start scaling at a large pace. Delegate. Manage. Crowdsource.
  5. Recruiting.
  6. Energy management. What can I do to increase my energy?
  7. How to problem solve — process issues.
  8. Time management. How to conserve wasted time. How to make conversations shorter, but still be effective.
  9. How to manage money. Cash flow. Accounting.
  10. Aggressively patient. (Faith that seeds will grow — so you KEEP planting seeds constantly, (not watching a few seeds grow.)
  11. Always be improving. CANSI. Be like a child.

Bonus: assess your weaknesses — and find ways to improve.

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