9 Things That Turn Off Potential Customers — Video

    1. Smoking cigarettes. They stink and they make people feel you are unsanitary. Don’t hire a smoker. It can cost you business.
    2. Odor. Hygiene. Yellow teeth. Appearance. Grooming. Body odor. Too much cologne. Ask an honest person. Shower twice a day.
    3. Small lies. Be careful. Be 100% honest. People can detect bullshit.
    4. Too pushy. Don’t be desperate.
    5. Too soft. Be assertive. Make an effort.
    6. Look in the eyes.
    7. Deliver what you promised — even the little things.
    8. Be real. Be who you are. Don’t be fake.
    9. Discipline with health. Don’t look like a fat ass slob. Fat people are lazy and undisciplined.

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