The REAL Reason President Trump Fired WEASEL John Bolton — 2 Rules From The Godfather Movies

Rule 1. Never tell anyone outside the family what your thinking again.

In The Godfather, (the original,) Santino, godfather Don Corleone’s eldest son, lets an outsider, (The Turk,) know he disagrees with the godfather. The godfather did not want to get into the opium business with The Turk, Santino did. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with the godfather. There is something VERY wrong with disagreeing with the godfather in PUBLIC. Get it?

Because Santino wanted to get into the opium business, and his father (the boss,) did not, The Turk decides to kill the godfather. A pretty big fuckin’ deal.

Yes. It was Santino Corleone’s fault the godfather was shot multiple times.

Later in The Godfather, when Michael assumes the reigns of the Family, Fredo Corleone makes the same mistake Sonny did. Michael admonishes him, and warns him:

Rule 2. Don’t EVER take sides against the family again.

Unfortunately, Fredo didn’t listen to his brother, and this mistake led to an attempt on Michael’s life.

When Michael discover’s his brother went behind his back to work a backchannel deal, and that he did it because of malice, because of jealousy Michael orders the hit on Fredo.

Bottom line: John Bolton has a BIG mouth. A HUGE mouth. John Bolton was not fired because he’s a warmonger, or a hawk. He was fired because Bolton on MULTIPLE occasions has gone to the press, and told them what he was thinking. John Bolton is a weasel.

A good boss welcomes diversity of opinions in private conversations. Public disagreements are a no no.  Because Bolton violated these two Godfather rules, he became unfit to serve this or any other President. Bolton’s career in public service is over, look for a major book deal. (Bribes are abundant for betraying this great president, plenty of globalist treason money sloshing around the world.)

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