Candace Owens Explains Why President Trump Will WIN Black America’s Vote in 2020 #Blexit

Think it can’t happen? Black Americans voted Republican–(or would have if racist KKK Southern Democrats had allowed black Americans to vote in the South,)–from 1872 until the 1930s when Socialist FDR began handing out welfare checks. Harsh? True.

Give a man a fish, and he will vote for you. What happens when you give a man a high paying job?

Is black America ready to vote for a man fighting for every American job? Lowest black American unemployment rate in history, PERIOD. Why?

Simple economics. President Donald Trump, self-made billionaire with a degree in economics from the best business school in America, has created an economy with more jobs than people. When there’s more jobs than people, supply and demand says salaries go higher. The Trump Economy also created a situation where anyone who wants a job can get one. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN BLACK AMERICA BEFORE! THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE IN AMERICA PERIOD!

How did President Trump do  it?

  1. President Trump has stopped illegal immigration, and slowed immigration from many parts of the world. (Fewer job seekers.)
  2. President Trump has been enforcing immigration laws — deportations have begun. (Fewer job seekers.)
  3. President Trump cut taxes and regulations, creating an environment where businesses want to invest. (More jobs)
  4. President Trump has made it clear to American businesses, the days of shipping jobs overseas are over. (More jobs)
  5. President Trump is using tariffs to encourage American companies to build here. (More jobs)
  6. President Trump has unleashed American energy, meaning if a company builds a factory in China, they’re dependent on expensive unreliable Middle East oil. Build a factory in America CHEAP SAFE RELIABLE energy. (More jobs)

The Democrats, and their globalist masters want to destroy ALL of this! They want black Americans back on welfare and voting Democrat.

When Iran hit Saudi Arabia the other day, Trump looks at it and says, huh. Iran just hurt China! China gets 95% of their oil from Saudi Arabia, we get ZERO thanks to President Trump.

Democrats want open borders, and mass immigration. (More people than jobs. Lower wages.)

Democrats want high taxes, more regulation, no tariffs. (Fewer jobs, lower wages.)

Democrats want an end to fracking and pipelines. More expensive energy. (Fewer jobs, lower wages.)

Give a man a welfare check he’ll vote Democrat. Give a man a good job, he’ll buy a car, a house, get married, raise a family, and vote for President Trump.


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