English Translation–Prime Minister Modi Speech– #HowdyModi Houston– Full SPEECH — VIDEO

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When I found this translation, there was 141 views (compared to MILLIONS of views of the english portions of the program.)

Sharing the post is good karma. Poaching, is plagiarism– THEFT–  is evil.

“It is only when the common man is empowered that social and economic development can take place at a rapid pace”
Prime Minister Modi. #HowdyModi

No wonder prime minister Modi and President Trump like each other. Modi’s success secrets: cutting regulations — enabling individuals to grow their dreams.  Make INDIA Great Again!

Standing ovation for president Trump at 36:20.

“President Trump is firmly committed to fighting this battle against terrorism.”
Prime Minister Modi. #HowdyModi

At 43:55:

“President Trump calls me a tough negotiator. However he himself is quite an expert in The Art of The Deal. And I am learning quite a lot from him.
Prime Minister Modi. #HowdyModi

Article 370.

11/26 Attacks in India.

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