I am Bruce Lee — Documentary of An American Martial Artist — Father of #MMA

A ton of fake news in this– other than that it’s great documentary.

The first false assertion–that a heavier man could handle Bruce Lee assumes, WRONGLY, that a larger fighter merely needs to get a hold of Bruce Lee and the fight is over… Merely?

Look at Bruce’s blinding speed! Look at his 2 finger push up! Look at his 1 inch punch! If a man has the speed to hit you as many times as he wishes AND can generate real lethal power AND trains to eye gouge AND throat rip…

Bruce Lee was a martial arts master first. The first Mixed Martial Artist absorbing all styles, and rejecting what is useless.

Being trained to box, (fight with rules, would hurt you–shackles on the brain.) You’d be better off with ZERO training than training to box and thinking that would prepare you to fight Bruce. Bruce Lee would kill Mike Tyson in his prime–why? Because Bruce desired instant lethality. He got it!

Even a modern MMA fighter would be at a disadvantage, why? Rules. In a fight to the death there are no rules.

Want to fight Bruce Lee and win? Develop the speed and agility to block his blows! Only this could save your life. Unless someone could accomplish this, they would be defenseless. Can your eyeball withstand a finger jab? The weakest man on earth could pop the strongest man on earth’s eyeballs. Can your throat survive a claw? Can your testicles take a shot? Can your eardrums keep from imploding?  Get me? Do you fucking get me?

The second stupid declaration in this film was that Bruce Lee appropriated other’s ideas and therefore created nothing new. Really?

The idea to learn everything, absorb what works, reject what doesn’t, and add what is uniquely your own is a radical idea. In a nut shell, here are a few of Bruce Lee’s radical ideas:


These radical ideas led to a whole new sport: MMA. MMA students are disciples of Bruce Lee, single system martial artists became a dinosaur. Creating a new fighting system JKD/MMA required radical thinking. Bruce Lee’s philosophy was right. Bruce Lee’s fighting style was and still is unbeatable, it encompasses all systems, and therefore is no system.

Flabby chuck norris way of the dragon bruce lee 2 smooth backFlabby chuck norris way of the dragon bruce leeFlabby chuck norris way of the dragon

Look at the footage of Bruce Lee fighting flabby Chuck Norris–realize until Bruce Lee evolved his body for kinetic-chain fluidity (blinding speed,) and power (muscular strength,) by diet, rest, and exercise, asian martial artists did not body build. This is another symptom of an evolved human being. A superman. A master. It’s not Chuck Norris’s fault he was flabby, he did what his master told him. Bruce Lee absorbed his many masters’ teachings, rejected what was useless, added what was uniquely his own. Can you see it? Why was Chuck Norris flabby? Because karate championships are no-contact events where punching power did not matter.

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