President Trump–Press Conference–Finland–VIDEO

In my book Trump The Martial Artist, the reader is shone the elements of President Trump’s unique and unbeatable verbal combat style. Here are a few combat elements readers will recognize:

Trumpgasm. Create an energy-intensive media shit-storm. Say or do something controversial that creates press coverage.

Energy Flow Warfare. Do not try to put out fires, pour gasoline on the media outrage.

Power triangle:

power triangle trumpgasm.png

When the press covers you, (gives you the microphone,) use this opportunity to promote your brand, and destroy your enemies. No defense, do not waste any energy defending yourself. Keep your gloves low. Let them try and hit you.

Trump is using their energy against them. The Trump ‘impeachment inquiry’ is being refocussed to destroy Joe Biden. Every time the press attacks Trump, they are PUNCHING Joe Biden, themselves:(fake-news), and the Democrats, AND promoting Trump’s purpose: MAGA!

President Trump does this effortlessly. He ignores their questions, and punches freely, with devastating affect.

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