Destroying Sleepy Joe

Watching Trump The Martial Artist in action is a thing of beauty. Like watching Bruce Lee dispatch an entire dojo with his blinding skill and speed in a martial arts movie, or Ali in his prime. So fast. So ferocious. Effortless. They can’t lay a glove on him. With every press conference, master Trump uses this energy to promote his brand, and destroy his opponents.

Master Trump’s assault started with a barrage of blows aimed at Joe Biden’s solar plexus chakra. “Sleepy Joe.” Not a knockout blow, not a haymaker–rather a series of crisp energy stealing blows. Master Donald Trump used a similar strategy on “Low Energy” Jeb Bush. For the past several months, Trump has been stealing Joe Biden’s energy with swipes. Now, we are in end game. Trump is hitting Joe Biden with haymaker-power crown and root chakra attacks. Corruption. Joe Biden is a corrupt puppet.

Impeachment was the stupidest course of action the democrats could have chosen. High-octane fuel for master Trump to use as he sees fit–lots of explosive energy. Master Donald Trump absorbs this media energy, then channels it in press conferences, interviews, speeches and tweets at the democrat frontrunner. Joe Biden is getting pounded. He’ll be out of the race in a month, leaving only goofy Liz Warren left.

Liz Warren is too left-wing to gain the support of America’s middle. She’s unlikeable. Prediction: before the end of November, a new, more-moderate Democrat will emerge to challenge Warren. Probably crooked Hillary, we’ll see.

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