EAT The Babies! AOC and The Climate Change SCAM–Video

A comedian troll–borat style–interupted an AOC town hall meeting. This comedian troll was in a panic–the world is going to end in a few months! She proposed eating corpses, bombing Russia, and finally: EATING BABIES! LMFAO!

The real funny thing is, the crowd, and AOC herself, do not realize they are being punked until it’s too late–because all climate change wack-jobs sound like this comedian.

In the 70’s, there was a “global cooling” climate change hoax. Scientist warned: we must slow our economic growth or our planet will enter a new ice age.

In the 90’s, Al Gore championed the “global warming” climate change hoax. Scientists warned: we must slow our economic growth or our planet will heat up, the polar ice caps will melt, coastal cities will flood–etc.

Well now it’s two decades later. The earth has been cooling for the last 20 years. The polar ice caps are larger. Pollution is way down in America. Pollution is spewing unchecked in India and China, yet they still want to close American factories, and throttle American growth. Why?

Because they are socialists. Socialists hate themselves. They hate humanity. They hate white people. They hate America. They do not want to slow America’s economic growth to save the environment, they want Americans to be unemployed and collecting welfare. They want more democrats! If socialists wanted less pollution, they would be demanding tariffs on China and India to curb their pollution.

I wrote this for all conservatives who are unsure about this issue. None of us wants a polluted planet. All of us want and should demand clean air and clean water. So, what’s the answer?

Simply humans have value. Protecting the earth has value. Technological growth is the savior of humanity, it’s not a detriment. More to come…

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