FLASHBACK– Election Night 1984– Morning in America– #2020LANDSLIDE

First THE Ad.

Then the RESULTS.

America is better off, by FAR, than it was in 2016. Look for a “morning in America” style ad starting after Trump receives the republican nomination next summer.

Odds to win reelection:

In the last 50 years:
Nixon: Won in landslide.
Carter: LOST. (Economy BAD.)
Reagan: Won in landslide.
Bush 1: LOST. (Economy BAD.)
Clinton: Won in landslide.
Bush 2: Won.
Obama: Won in landslide.

Of seven presidents running for reelection, two lost, 4 won easily, 1 won in a fairly close race.

In my lifetime, this is the BEST economy PERIOD. Unless democrats find someone great, they do not have a chance. In the last 50 years only 2 presidents have achieved an unemployment rate below 4 %. (And only one did it without a major war and a draft.)

TRUMP. Better than Obama. Better than Reagan. Better than Clinton.


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