Escalation Dominance–America is Heading Down a Dark Road– #NervousNancy

Force. Violence. The democrat party and their globalist overlords are taking America to a dark place. Impeachment, make no mistake about it, impeachment is the initiation of force. Without a stated crime, the democrat party has begun an illegal impeachment process. This, in itself, is a crime. Under the color of authority. Wielding powers entrusted to you by our republic against a political enemy for political purpose.

“Ambition must be made to counteract ambition.” James Madison.

Our founding fathers wanted a STRONG chief executive. Not a parliament, where a prime minister can receive a no confidence vote.

A chief executive independent of other branches of government, The President is commander and chief of the military, head of all law enforcement, and head of state.

Think about that for a moment. Head of the military. Head of all federal law enforcement. Head of state.

Congress makes the laws.

The judiciary interprets the laws.

The president enforces the laws.

IF Congress and the press are violating laws, it is the President’s JOB to arrest them. If they are plotting an illegal coup, it is the president’s job to arrest them.

Who determines who is breaking the laws? THE PRESIDENT. PERIOD. HE IS THE LAW. They are fucking with the wrong man.

The theory of escalation dominance says that when you begin a conflict, you must view how dark a place you may end up. This is why we won’t start a war with Russia. Mutually Assured Destruction.

Congress is breaking laws to usurp the constitution. They can only succeed if our president plays along. Trump is not Nixon, he will not resign.

Congress: IMPEACH.

President: Use the military to enforce the laws, ARREST THE TRAITORS.

Your move Nervous Nancy. Trump has escalation dominance– BACK OFF!

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