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The core argument Americans and Brits need to ask themselves: Do I have a RIGHT to exist?

For me, it’s simple. I have a right to exist; therefore, I have a right to elect a government that puts my interests FIRST. America First!

Globalism is the belief the needs of foreigners should take precedence over the needs of American citizens.

America First is not racist. It’s not ignorant. Black Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans all have suffered from globalist policies. It is not a coincidence that after 3 years of America First our unemployment rate is at a 50 year low– and an all time low for America’s Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians. Our economy is booming. Wages are rising, rapidly. Stupid wars are ending, and the wars we are still fighting we are WINNING, because we fight to minimize American deaths, instead of putting the needs of foreign enemies first.

America First means do what benefits OUR citizens. OUR people. American nationalism is not racist, because Americans are not a race. Donald Trump would not be president without the black and hispanic vote–which Trump earned the largest percentages in a generation. If America’s blacks, asians, and hispanics had supported Hillary with the same enthusiasm as Obama, Trump would have lost many of the battleground states.

Globalist policies destroyed America and England’s industrial base. Globalist policies allowed the importation of muslim terrorists. Globalist policies allowed 10s of millions of illegal aliens to flood into our country, depress wages, and dilute our votes.

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