Seeing The Future–Empathy–Trump Will Be Impeached In The House, And Removed In The Senate–(IF NOTHING CHANGES)

So I’m watching Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Wallace is having his snarky little back and forth with Mick Mulvaney–over Mick’s fuck up the other day, when, Mick said there WAS a quid pro quo–even though his boss, President Trump denied it. If you didn’t watch the Mick Mulvaney press conference, watch it here.

Towards the end of the back and forth exchange, Wallace drops this little gem: according to his well-known republican source, there’a a 20% chance Trump will be removed from office by the Senate.

I’ve always had the ability to see many future events before they happen. I don’t know all the reasons why, I guess it’s a part of who I am. How do I do it? What’s my secret? Am I always right?

My predictions:

  • If nothing major changes, (and Trump allows it,) the senate will vote to remove President Trump. 100%.
  • Removal will happen quickly. Before Christmas.
  • The House will vote to impeach on a future Friday night–(after the stock market is closed.) The Senate will vote to remove within 48 hours–before this weekend is over!
  • Opinion polls on all news outlets will tell America most Americans support impeachment and removal. (This will be a lie.)
  • Impeachment and removal will be illegal,
  • and may spark a violent civil war. 5%.

Why do I predict these events? A big reason, the republican senators hate Donald Trump. They are jealous of him. They dislike his personality. They don’t personally believe what our president believes. They are globalists.

Impeachment and removal–which has NEVER happened in the past–would be highly likely in the event of  a third-party candidate victory. Trump is not a Democrat nor a Republican. Both sides hate him. Trump executed a hostile take over of the republican party, then won the 2016 election because traditional republicans had to choose between Trump and Hillary.

With 53 Republican senators, (and Trump with a 90% approval rating among republicans,) impeachment and removal should be impossible. It would be impossible if Trump was a ‘normal’ republican. A neocon globalist. Every republican with the ‘balls’ to criticize Trump on Syria, also wants Trump gone from office.

The first rule in political analysis is to ask, “who benefits?” Another rule in political analysis is, “where you stand depends on where you sit.”

From the Marco Rubio/Ted Cruz/Koch Brothers perspective Donald Trump is a usurper. He is not a Ronald Reagan globalist. Trump is a nationalist, and they are not.

A case can be made among this group of republican senators, remove Trump, Mike Pence becomes president, the Republican Party goes back to normal.

The main reason Trump will be removed: because TRILLIONS of dollars are at risk when Trump is reelected. The globalists are almost smashed. With 50 million in well placed bribes, they can remove Trump through impeachment. Much cheaper than an election. They will do it. They can’t remove him in the election, this will be their path. 100%. It’s coming. Period. Take it to the bank.

What can change this?

You. Only you. You must see this as a certainty now–October 20, 2019–not when it’s too late.

Once you see it, you must dedicate your life to stopping it.

I can’t do it by myself. And I can’t dedicate my entire life to stopping it. I already dedicated my life to getting Trump into power, without pay! Trump supporters are going to have to come out of the closet and get LOUD or President Trump will be gone before Christmas.

(This all assumes President Trump does not cross the rubicon, and nothing else changes.)

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