WTF Kentucky ?

Looking at the Kentucky results– shaking my head in disbelief. Wtf? Best economic numbers ever, and the state turns blue? Wtf? Was the election rigged? Looks like it to me. A cursory glance shows a million votes last election– 1.4 million this one. An extra 4000k voted–allegedly. Really?

Republican gets 75 % of last elections total votes, yet loses because an extra 400k Democrats show up. Guess these mystery Democrats must have been pissed at how well the state and country are doing.

I’m pissed. Either the election in Kentucky was rigged–or worse–the people there are fucktards. Either way, I’m disgusted with my fellow countrymen.

1 thought on “WTF Kentucky ?”

  1. agree 100% – the Demonrats are super skilled at rigging elections and continue to perfect the art without impunity.

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