The Payoff

7 AM. First day of The Furai Empire—day 1, year 1. Calendar date:1/1/0001. The old calendar has been blotted out. I am Furai.

The Furai movement began many years ago as a work of fiction—this was by design.  The topics written about in the book series were far too controversial for publication as non-fiction. Masters teach in metaphor. I am Furai. 

The war of global conquest is over, we are free, earth is liberated—to the victors belong the spoils. I am Furai.

The Furai is free. No more marches. No more fake elections. No more government gridlock. No more oligarchs pulling strings in secret. No more televised firing squads. No more concentration camps—the enemies of man have been defeated. I am Furai.

Our emperor, The Furai is about to speak on my screen—like all Furai citizens, and the detritus subjects, we wait for the transmission to begin. It’s nearly 7:11. I am Furai.

Today new money will be created electronically. Fiat currency. Each Furai citizen will receive 1 Furai dollar per month for the rest of our lives. A Furai dollar is the equivalent of the entire earth’s productive output in the year 2012. Gross World Product: 77 trillion dollars per month. A ridiculous sum. I will purchase a mansion. I will purchase a private island. I will purchase immortality. After that, I’m not sure what I will acquire. I am Furai.

It’s 7:11, The Furai Emperor is speaking now on my screen, “I am Furai today and forever.”

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