Day 1. August 6, 2020

Coffee With Richard Skeet

Publication Date: Thursday August 6, 2020.
Date at time of writing: August 5, 2020.

Topic: Financial Goal.

A quadrillion dollars. A seemingly impossible sum. This amount of money would allow me to conquer the globe and then some. It is not necessary to earn this amount of money, controlling it would do the same thing.

Topic: How to Earn/and/or Control a Quadrillion Dollars.

Create great writing.
Create value.
Create entertainment.
(Harry Potter/Stephen King.)

This will get me so far…

Curate great writing.
Curate great entertainment.
Curate great entertainment.
(Drudge Report)

This will get me a bit further…

Create a social media site.
This will get me even further….

Help others to earn a fortune creating content for me…
This will nearly finish the job.

Create a universe-conquering Furai Operating System.

Topic: Procedure.

Work in two hour blocks/4 hours a day.
Seek to add more time/productivity.
Set deadlines: block/daily/weekly/monthly.
Put all great content on website.
Every sentence.
Every paragraph.
Every chapter.
Every book.
Every image.
Every cover design.
Every promotional blurb.
Every journal entry.

Get paid to breathe, and help others do the same.

Topic: Purpose.

Love God with all my heart, mind, spirit, effort.
Love my neighbor as myself.

Topic: Mission.

Conquer the galaxy for humankind.

Topic: Mission Statement.

For the remainder of my lifetime, which is infinite, I will serve The Furai. Therefore: I pledge fealty to The Furai Emperor.

Topic: Pledges.

I will make every effort to:
Work at least 4 hours a day.
Imbibe the right sustenance for maximum power.
Obtain adequate rest.
Obtain the perfect body.
Be perfectly organized.
Have fun.
Make people laugh.
Make people think.
Make people dream.
Help others to become rich.
Help others to seize power.
Create the best content possible.
Curate the best content possible.
Publish at least 1 book a week on Amazon.
Publish at least 1 post a day on
Give away a book every week progressing to once a day (when 18 books are published: 18X5 = 90.)
Each new blog post will appear daily at 3:33 AM US Eastern Time.
Each book will be published on Wednesday by 9 PM, and should be available within a few days. (Amazon’s prerogative.)

Topic: TODO LIST Day 1. August 6, 2020.

11 AM Begin.
Write. (R)
Organize desktop. (R)
Upload all documents. (R)
Create book give aways. (R) X
OWE: 1:35 MIN
Eat. (R) X
Make bed. (R) X
Contact Private Investigator. Due tonight. X


Make bed. (DR)
Eat. (DR)
Write. (DR)
Exercise (DR)
Groom (DR)
Organize desktop. (R)

Build new relationships. (R)
Strengthen existing relationships. (R)

Organize blog. (R) Due August 6, 2020.
Edit all books with appropriate links. (Back matter.) DUE Thursday Night August 6.
Create Self Hypnosis. Due Friday August 7.
Contact Attorney. Due Friday August 7.
Promote book give aways. DUE Friday Night August 7..(R)
Create lessons. (R) Due August 7, 2020.
Upgrade software on all devices. (R) Due August 8, 2020.
Quit vices. Due August 12.
Finish Furai Operating System Book 1 Due Wednesday August 12.
Read all writing. (R)  Due August 13.
Organize writing. (R) Due August 20.
Upload all documents. (R) Due August 20.
Upload all artwork. (R) Due August 20.
Mend relationships. Due August 20.
Create a superior/unique copyrightable logo. Due August 20.
Work on Microsoft bing prepaid Due August 20.

Create a line of jewelry. Due when income is sufficient.
Create a line of clothing. Due when income is sufficient
Create a line of nutritional supplements. Due when income is sufficient

Topic: Scheduled Book Giveaways. August 6, 2020.

3 books/15 total give aways next 90 days—

Trump The Martial Artist: August 7, August 8, August 13, August 14, August 15.

Prion: August 21, August 28, September 4, September 11, September 18.

Concussion Magick: September 25, October 1, October 2, October 8, October 9.

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