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Tony Robbins: Train Your Brain To Make More Money — Video

Pleasure/pain motivation — sacral chakra. This recording is from Tony Robbins Personal Power II.  Steps for wealth: Realize you are already blessed. You are already wealthy. Be grateful. Like attracts like — (Law of attraction.) It is right to be rich. It is right to desire wealth. See the wealth all around you. Now, see …

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Wealth FLOW

I wake up in Florida. Meditate for 15 minutes; generate a powerful wealth Concussion. Incantation I choose: “Wealth flows to me with ease, in avalanches of abundance.” Synthetic brain handles all incoming and outgoing messages; biological, handles face to face. Ideas come to me; Synthetic goes to work. I run on the beach; allow the warmth — morning sun penetrates my skin. Do my calisthenics; lift weights; swim — 35 minutes. Billions of …

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Open The Floodgates Of Wealth! #MONEY #MAGICK #CASH #LOA #VIBRATION

You are pure energy; meditate on this fact; this reality – smile! Feel every cell resonate with the knowledge: abundance is a choice. Wealth is a choice; choose to receive it. Imagine a flood of cash surrounding you, engulfing you. Feel the joy – Good things are coming! Learn more about bending the universe to …

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